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Librarian: Karen Wambaugh

Welcome to the LeValley United Methodist Church Library!
The LeValley United Methodist Church has a very resourceful Christian library. The "Book & DVD" cart is located in the commons area before entering into the sanctuary. You are most encouraged to come and check-out the variety of books and other media materials that are here for your enjoyment and reading adventures!
The most valuable, favorite and best book of all time to read is the 'Good book' ~ The HOLY BIBLE.



MAY 2023


May is upon us in all of it’s glory! May you

experience all of God’s delights during this

season. Blessings to all our Mother’s…birth,

foster, adopted, spiritual, women who have fed

into our lives.


Our first May highlighted selection is In My

Grandmother’s House…Black Women, Faith

and the Stories We Inherit by Yolanda Pierce

who is the Dean of Howard University School

of Divinity. “Text is a love letter to Black

grandmothers.” To those who have gone

before us. For us only familiar with white

churches and experiences it is indeed a

gift. She invites our gaze to honor the

women who have upheld a profound, yet

overlooked aspect of Christianity in America.

In turn we can remember those who have gone

before us. Their clouds and our clouds of witnesses.

The storytelling aspect of the book brings to life

the struggles, challenges and joys as we walk

with God.


Seven from Heaven—The Miracle of the McCaughey

Septuplets by Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey. On

November 19, 1997 Bobbie gave birth to seven

babies at 30 1/2 weeks. Only spending the last 6

weeks of her pregnancy in the hospital with all of

the babies weighing in at between 2 lbs 5 oz and

3 lbs 4 oz. This amazing story covers 15 months of

their journey from finding out that Bobbi was

pregnant to the first 9 months of the babies lives.

It is a work/walk of faith for this young couple and

how their small church community and Iowa town

enfolded and embraced them. The seven recently

celebrated their 25th birthday.


Our last selection is Grieving the Child I Never

Knew—A Devotional Companion for Comfort in

the Loss of Your Unborn or Newly Born Child.

This is the month we celebrate Mother’s Day and

their are a number of women whose pregnancy’s

didn’t turn out the way they hoped…miscarriages,

still births or babies that die hours or months after

their births. This is a one month devotional type

book whose author and husband experienced

these outcomes four times. It speaks as one who

has been there and is encouraging as one who has

survived and offers support and understanding.


Karen Wambaugh—Librarian

Karen Wambaugh--Librarian

  June 2023  
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