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Librarian: Karen Wambaugh

Welcome to the LeValley United Methodist Church Library!
The LeValley United Methodist Church has a very resourceful Christian library. The "Book & DVD" cart is located in the commons area before entering into the sanctuary. You are most encouraged to come and check-out the variety of books and other media materials that are here for your enjoyment and reading adventures!
The most valuable, favorite and best book of all time to read is the 'Good book' ~ The HOLY BIBLE.


 We add three new books to our library this month that are being highlighted. Our two non-fiction books are Unashamed—Drop the Baggage, Pick Up Your Freedom, Fulfill Your Destiny by Christine Caine and the second The Power of a Promise Kept— Life Stories by Gregg Lewis. In Unashamed the author discusses having shame as a constant companion in her life and how with God’s help she has been able to make strides in the fight against it. How to choose to train our mind, break down walls and continue the walk to freedom that Christ wants for each of His children. Gregg Lewis in The Power of a Promise Kept is the telling of 13 stories of situations men have found themselves in and how to live out the seven promises of a Promise Keeper in them. It comes from the Promise Keeper movement and each story has questions for a small group of men to answer along with accountability questions. Can be used as a 13 week small group study for men or individually.

Our last selection is a novel by Lisa See. Every so often you come across a writer who is a master story teller and that is how I view Lisa See and her novel The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. This author meticulously researches her material ( 6 pages of acknowledgements) so all is historically accurate. This story actually takes place from l988-2016 though at the beginning you might feel it is thousands of years ago in an Abha village in tea mountains of China. The Akha are a very much untouched ethnic minority people in China. Their lives revolve around the seasons and farming tea, ritual and routine. Li-yan is the young woman who will navigate from these ancient ways to more modern ones and helps her village too. It is a fascinating, informative, entertaining, delightful read. Hope many will give it a try.

As always these selections and many others will be found on our book cart and the library is always open for you to find a selection there. Just sign the card found in the pocket at the front of the book and leave the card in the holder on top shelf on the right end of book cart or on table in the library. 

Karen Wambaugh--Librarian

  January 2023  
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