Worship 101

Do you ever decide that it’s time to rearrange the furniture in your house to give it a fresh look? How many times have you changed paint colors in your home to brighten things up? Have you ever traded in a vehicle to purchase one with more bells and whistles?

I would wager to say that each of us would say “yes” to all three of the above questions. So, why wouldn’t we want to revitalize our church and update the worship service on Sunday morning?

Does our worship on Sunday become so repetitive and familiar that we speak the words, sing the songs, and go through the motions without even being aware of what we’re doing? If you answered this question with a “no”, I want you to think back to worship a couple weeks ago when we changed things up a bit and celebrated the Jewish Holy Day of Yom Kippur, aligning it with our Christian faith. This service provided us with an understanding of the scope of Jesus’ payment for our sins and the security of salvation that we have today.

Yes, if I had to plan the service again, there may be segments I would revise or eliminate completely, but, in general, I think the hour provided a historical lesson about our Christian faith.

What this particular hour of worship also did was wake everyone up. I received more comments that Sunday than I have on any Sunday in the fifteen months I have been your pastor. Whether the comments were positive or negative isn’t important here. The deduction, as far as I’m concerned, is that we should rearrange, brighten up our worship, just as we do our homes, to freshen things up.

How do we get ideas to tweak our worship services? Yes, we can read books and magazines. We can attend worship seminars, but the simplest way is to visit another church for worship, whether it be a Sunday morning service or a service scheduled at an alternate time. Of course, I would like to have each of you attending the service every Sunday at Berlin Center or LeValley, but experiencing worship at a church of another denomination or a church with an alternate worship style can actually be a benefit to our churches. Visit another church while you are on vacation or take a Sunday off from our church to visit another.
We most likely won’t end up with a praise band that hurts our ears or a choir praising God by swaying their bodies and waving their arms while belting out a gospel song, but a slight refresher, whether it be an adjustment to the order of worship, the words that we share, or the songs that we sing, could be just the vitamin LeValley and Berlin Center need to wake us up and to encourage others to join us on Sunday morning
Worshipping God with words and music is a practice older than time itself. Angels and humans alike lift their voices and instruments to honor and glorify the Creator of all. Catholic or Protestant, in quietness or with loud exuberance, in small and large groups, in freedom or in secret, Christians around the world gather to worship.
Expressions of worship vary, but homage is offered to the same God, the same Lord and Christ.
I look forward to hearing your ideas for revitalizing our worship. All ideas will be reviewed by the Worship committee before institution.
"Sing to the Lord a new song, His praise in the assembly of the saints."
Pastor Nancy
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