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Rex and Karen Wambaugh shared a book with me recently titled The Book of Mysteries by Jonathon Cahn. The publisher describes the book this way--A teacher, journals mysteries for each day of a one year long adventure. He is joined on his journey by a traveler who is you the reader. Together they find the keys to spiritual truth, end times mysteries and other secrets to life.

I recommend this book as a wonderful, daily devotional, but the reason I recommend it now is because of Day 148—The Avanim: Weights of the Balance. Cahn’s words related to truth reinforce my stance on the current struggles of the United Methodist Church.

Because I promised last month to continue the discussion on United Methodist issues, I am including this devotional as an affirmation of my  understanding of the Biblical truth.


The teacher led me  into a chamber he had never shown me before. It was  illuminated by the light of oil lamps and filled with round stones of varying sizes. We sat down by a small table. He opened up a cloth bag filled with small stones and poured them out onto the tabletop.  They were round and light in color, and each was engraved with what appeared to be ancient letters. 

 “What are they?” I asked. 

 “They are avanim,” he said, “the weights of the balance. And this is the Chamber of Measures.  These were the measures and standards used in       ancient times to determine values, weights, and quantities.”  He then took out a second bag and  emptied its  contents on the table. “These look the same as the others, but they not. These are false measures, altered weights. The inscriptions have been changed so that they no longer match the weight of the stone. This one says shekel, but it weighs less than a shekel. It would be used by a  corrupt merchant to make an item appear to be  heavier or greater than it was.  The merchant had redefined the measure to conform it to his will and want.”

 He picked up one of the stones, then continued.  “Altered weights not only concern corrupt merchants...but corrupt civilizations. When a civilization redefines its values, when it changes the meanings and definitions of reality away from God and away from the  created order, when it alters the measures of morality, of right and wrong, to conform them to its will and desires, it is dealing in altered weights, false measures, deceptive balances.  It is turning the objective into the subjective, and man into God.”

At that he emptied another bags of weights onto the table and began  reading their inscriptions.  “This one says Good, and on the other side Evil.  This one says Life, and on the other side Death...Idol, and on the other side God. Male and Female...Sacred and Profane. This one says Marriage. And this one says Child in the Womb.  They’ve all become altered weights, false measures, changed values, signs of   corruption.”

“So how do you escape the corruption of altered weights?”

“Never bend the truth to fit your will. Bend your will to fit the truth.  Never alter the Word of God or conform God to your image;  alter your ways to the Word of God and conform your life to the image of God.  Beware of false standards...and stay far from altered weights.”

The Mission:  Conform today your will to the truth, your ways to the Word, and your life to the image of God.  Uphold the weights of the balance. Proverbs 11:1; 16:11; Isaiah 5:20 
The Book Of Mysteries  Jonathan Cahn


Pastor Nancy 

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