Five Months

Do you realize that it has been five months since almost everything in our lives came to a screeching halt due to a virus known as COVID-19 or Corona.? We worshiped together on March 22nd. Janet joined me beginning on May 17th, so there was live music, but we didn’t even try in-person worship again until June 7th .

Because many of you haven’t been able to worship with us either in person or on-line, I decided to include a brief “teaser” of each sermon in this newsletter. If you would like to know more, please let me know. I can drop one or more in the mail.

My March 29th message was the last of six dealing with solitude as a Christian discipline. The theme was solitude and resistance.

                                        Time spent in solitude with God is not time spent alone

April 5th was Palm Sunday. The theme was feeling confined and our liberation through Jesus Christ.

                                      Liberated, set free, no longer guilt-ridden, no longer fearful

Easter Sunday we learned of Peter finding purpose in his life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

                 Easter in us means a new self, a new identity, a new life Easter the holiday is a noun;                                                            Eastering with Jesus is a verb We make Easter an adjective—We are Easter people year-round

April 19th theme of the day—three promises worthy of our rejoicing and three characteristics of our rejoicing.

April 26th I taught about Holiness.

May 3rd My sermon theme was suffering.

On May 10th I told you how we are hungry babies; living stones; and, a chosen people.

May 17th - Through Jesus Christ, God was revealed in dramatic ways to help us know more about who God is.

May we have the faith to seek greater understanding, and the faith to live into that mystery of “the God We Know.”

May 24th People were created by God for relationship with God.

The signs reveal God's glory by displaying divine power, the crucifixion reveals God's glory by conveying divine love. The crucifixion completes Jesus' work of glorifying God on earth, for by laying down his life he gives himself completely so that the world may know of Jesus' love for God and God's love for the world

May 31st Pentecost—God’s Holy Spirit at work in the life of the Church and in the lives of individuals.

On June 7th we looked at what it means to be created in the Image of God.

On June 14th we were blessed with guest worship leaders Brant and Carol Gielow.

June 21st –three months into the COVID Pandemic is the “New Normal” a change for the better?

June 28th --As we are spending a good deal of time in solitude, I am trying to heighten your Spirituality. Today’s theme was Spiritual formation as a mature, interdependent relationship with God and each other.

July 5th --Commitment lies in the ability to trust someone.

Only a committed life is open to experience God’s presence.

July 12th --Another day of self-examination. Christians need to be fit, faithful, available, and teachable.

July 19th --One of the government mandates during the pandemic is wash your hands. Why did people wash their hands in the Scriptures?

                                 Sanitation; Separation; Sanctification

On July 26th we studied seven different types of love.

Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The theme for August 2nd came from The Michigan Annual Conference—"Sowing Seeds for the Harvest.”

We must become more conversational, invitational, relational, global, digital and foundational.

On August 9th we began moving toward updating our missions and visions for each church by “Marching with a mission.”

Chris Moore blessed you on August 16th with his music and message while I was on vacation.

Do you know your Spiritual Gift(s)? On August 23rd, I preached on how we become aware of our gifts.

                           Our Spiritual Gifts are used to strengthen the faith of others.

Why is the world in such turmoil? We are in a time of Spiritual Warfare, something I explained on August 30th .

                                No matter how long the battle, victory belongs to the lord.

This is a rather lengthy letter, but I hope it gives you some insight on my sermons for the last five months and how you can be praying for yourselves, your brothers and sisters in Christ, your church, your community, our country and the world.


Pastor Nancy

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