July 2017  
Upcoming Events


Boy Scouts
7:00 PM
Meet at LVUMC


Cub Scouts Meet
7:00 AM
at LeValley UMC
Choir Practice
7:00 PM
Adult Choir group meets at LVUMC to practice


Zion Food Pantry!
2pm-4:30pm at Zion UMC
Must be a resident of Ionia County and have valid Picture ID May receive food one time per month.


6:00 PM
Free meal to all who would like to join us!
Drum Exercise Class
6:30 PM
at LeValley Church


Worship Service
9am - Berlin Center UMC
11am - LeValley UMC


Boy Scouts
7:00 PM
Meet at LVUMC
Bible Search
Pastor of LeValley and Berlin Center Churches

Raymond (Ray) Sundell

Reverend Ray Sundell began preaching at LeValley and Berlin Center United Methodist Churches on Sunday, July 1, 2012.

Reverend Ray and Jennifer Sundell are the proud parents of three Sons; Jason, Jordan, and Joshua!

LeValley and Berlin Center Churches are honored to have Reverend Ray and Jennifer in our midst for their Christian leadership to us all.   

We warmly welcome Pastor Ray, Jennifer, and family, to our congregations of devoted worshipers to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

*It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we grieve the loss of Pastor Ray Sundell, Friday, April 14, 2017. May he rest in peace eternally. 






Administrative Assistant/Secretary/Receptionist

Cindy Taylor

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Cindy Taylor, Administrative Asssistant for Churches LeValley and Berlin Center. 

Cindy Taylor began Administrative/Secretarial duties for both LeValley and Berlin Center United Methodist Churches in 2002!  We are so privileged, grateful and thankful to have her smiling face, kind and loving attitude and her warm hearted care as one of our beloved personnel. 

Cindy performs a wide variety of administrative office duties daily and treats each task with great determination, devotion and gives the utmost care in seeing her work through to completion.   

Whenever you call LeValley Church/Berlin Center United Methodist Churches for information or have information to give; Cindy is the lovely voice you will either hear in person, or on the answer machine message. Please leave a brief message is you do not get to talk to her personally, as she is very thorough and quick to respond to calls. 

Cindy assists Reverand Ray Sundell, LeValley Child Care director and staff, committee chairpersons and members, volunteers, accountants, and everywhere and everyone in between that calls upon her. 

Cindy greets each day's tasks with great determination and dedication to her job, in which she takes great pride in performing with the utmost respect and fullfillment. 

Cindy is loyal and dependable and has a deep rooted faith, undeniable love and complete devotion to God.  When you first meet Cindy you can't help but like her instantly for she is truly a remarkable person with a heart-warming smile, kindness beyond measure, and possesses a generous personality! 

Cindy is exceptional and she goes the extra mile and miles for others in order to obtain positive and complete success.  Cindy loves people.  But, more importanly Cindy loves Jesus!

Cindy and her husband Randy Taylor reside in the Ionia area and are the proud parents of three wonderful children: Amanda, Joshua, and Stephanie. 

We are blessed to have Cindy amonst us!

LeValley Church Organist/Pianist

Janet Croel


Janet Croel is an accomplished organist and pianist!  Her musical talent is a true blessing to every ear that can hear the marvelous notes and chords that her hands and feet play upon the Piano and Organ keyboards and foot pedals.

Janet has been a member of the LeValley United Methodist Church for many years and she lovingly accompanies the church choir, worship service and special church services with sincere dedication, devotion and her love for music!

Janet and Stephen Croel reside in Ionia. They are the proud parents of children Benjamin and Adrienne, both of whom are also married with children of their own.

It is our good fortune and God's blessings that Janet is amongst us!

Director of LeValley Christian Child Care Center

Donna Andres


Donna Andres, Director of the LeValley Christian Daycare center along with staff of eight care givers; Bethany Dickinson, Molly Wigfield, Sharon Pratt, Kristi Hovingh, Dawn Cunningham, Lisa Emmons, Becky Hickok and Nikki Hofbauer, are certified instructors and are capable and willing to love and care for all of the children in attendance as they learn, play and grow in a Christian environment!

The LeValley Christian Child Care Center is located at 4018 Kelsey Highway, (LeValley United Methodist Church)

Donna Andres can be reached at (616) 527-4890

Hours of operation are 6:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M., Monday-Friday, Closed Saturday and Sunday.

*Tune into Grand Rapids WOOD-TV News 8 and Lansing's WILNS-TV News 6 for closings during inclement weather.